5 easy steps to optimized, cost-effective IT and communication services

We employ a five-step process to achieve the TCO Experts goals of assessing your serviced IT landscape and providing quality improvement recommendations with competitive alternative solutions.


Project Step 1 – Authorization


For each of your designated locations, TCO Experts obtains your current providers’ Customer Service Records, inventory, and billing information on your behalf and with your authorization.

Project Step 2 – Information Gathering


TCO Experts uses the billing information from the providers’ customer service records to compare and contrast against your invoices, searching for discrepancies. We then perform a thorough investigation into the real costs of your IT needs, establishing baselines. These baselines are used to validate market rates and calculate potential reductions to your current expenses.

Project Step 3 – Competitive Alternative Solutions


With the objectives of reducing costs and improving service quality, TCO Experts then solicits competitive quotes and/or alternative solutions for the various services required at each of your designated locations. We will also provide you with detailed overall cost/savings analysis documentation.

Project Step 4 – Implementation

We are committed to providing complete Project Management support for your organization during the implementation process, to ensure timely and well-coordinated delivery of your new Voice, Data, and Internet services. In our Project Management support, TCO Experts LLC will:

    Coordinate and oversee service installations and line/feature removals (as appropriate)
    Monitor work to ensure timelines are met
    Provide regular updates on the progress of the project through detailed reports
    Prepare and submit project closeout documentation

Project Step 5 – Cost Savings Validation and Project Review


TCO Experts will conduct a validation of savings assessment via a complete, first invoice review of your new services. This assessment will compare your prior baseline costs with your new service billing, to validate the benefits for your organization.

Ongoing Services

Augmenting the process described above, TCO Experts also provides the following ongoing services:

Periodic billing reviews as requested, to continue to validate your savings and prevent errors
Continuous service reviews to ensure you receive the most favorable available services, pricing, terms, and conditions
Assistance with field requests for service additions, moves and changes, and monitoring of “disconnect orders” to ensure billing is discontinued
Trouble monitoring and management to ensure resolutions occur in a timely manner, and for escalations, handling the process so you don’t have to

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