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Technology experts ready to lower your total cost of ownership

Company Overview

We are a collective of IT professionals with years of experience across a vast range of technology and business disciplines. TCO Experts LLC is a project fusing our collective expertise to address an obvious need for organizations of all kinds: the optimization of managed services. Our objectives are for your organization to reduce its IT and communication costs, boost their performance, or both. And our service is free of charge.

Every business today utilizes various providers for their IT and communication needs. The optimization process that TCO Experts brings to your organization starts with a needs analysis to determine your pain points and targets. We then analyze your current invoices, assess the providers’ current services, and produce competing bids for comparable or superior services that cost less. Once a project is identified, we act as your voice during negotiations and your project manager during migration and implementation.

We do this all for free — so there’s no risk in trying out our TCO optimization services.


TCO Experts will help you determine the optimal technology solutions for your organization, vet the best providers in your area, see the implementation through from beginning to end, and be the single-point-of-contact for all your service needs.

Cable services


Leverage the unparalleled bandwidth, reliability, and cost performance of advanced cable network technology.

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Telecommunications services


Navigation through the options and jargon to help you strategize, source, implement, and maintain this crucial business catalyst.

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Cloud services


Dozens of top Cloud solution suppliers, each vetted to determine their strengths and weaknesses, provide the optimal suppliers for your specific vertical.

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TCO Experts is your trusted partner

TCO Experts is in the business of enhancing the technology and financial services our clients receive, while simultaneously lowering their operating costs. And we do this all without charging fees.